Loinza offers a natural solution to skin problems with care products with powerful and effective ingredients. Personal care products designed according to the needs of your skin aim to provide a healthy, beautiful and smooth appearance.


Loinza products range is enriched with special ingredients that nourish your skin and accelerate the repair process. Product categories specializing in skin and body care will give you a makeover.



Skin care is a regular maintenance method to maintain the health of the skin and prevent or treat skin problems. Given that the skin is exposed to external factors, it needs to be protected, especially against factors such as sun, air pollution, humidity and aging.


Skin care can be done by cleansing, moisturizing and protecting your skin. Cleansing products cleanse your skin by removing dirt, oil and makeup. Moisturizers keep the skin hydrated and keep it soft and supple. Protective products protect the skin from sunlight or other external factors.


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Ministry of Health Approved Products

Our products are approved by the Ministry of Health, registered in the product tracking system and have a barcode number. You can query the barcode number on the Ministry of Health website and use it safely.

Not Tested on Animals

Loinza is animal and animal lover friendly. Our products have never been tested on animals. Clinical tests were performed.

We Use Certified Raw Materials

We use specially certified raw materials from Asia, Europe and America, and many of our raw materials are clinically studied in humans and toxicology studies have been completed, as well as standard plant extracts.

ISO Certified Production

ISO 9001
IHS 14001
OHS 18001
FSMS 22000

GMP Certificate

In the cosmetics industry, production is carried out with GMP good manufacturing certificate.

Halal Certificate

Our products have 100% halal certification.